Gender: Masculine
Origin: Greek
Meaning:”watchful; alert.”

The name is derived from the Late Latin male name, Gregorius, which is derived from the Greek, Gregorios Γρηγόριος, meaning, “watchful; vigilant; alert.”

The name was borne by several saints in the early church, including, St. Gregory Thaumaturgus (3rd-century), St. Gregory of Nyssa (4th-century), St. Gregory of Nazianus (4th-century) and St. Gregory of Tours (6th-century).

It was also borne by St. Gregory 1 the Great, a 6th-century pope and Doctor of the Church. Due to his notoriety, the name became a popular one chosen among popes thereafter.

Currently, Gregory ranks in as the 248th most popular male name in the United States. The highest he has ranked in U.S. naming history was in 1963 coming in as the 21st most popular male name. This may have been in part, due to the fame of American actor, Gregory Peck.

The designated name-days in the West are March 11 and September 3rd.

In the Eastern calendar, the designated name-days are: January 1, January 14, January 18, January 21, January 23, February 1, February 7, February 12, February 23, March 17, March 25, April 15, April 19, April 23, June 6, June 28, August 1, August 21, August 22, August 25, September 10, September 12, October 11, October 13, October 14, November 18, November 20, November 27, November 30, December 3, December 6, December 7, December 11 and December 20.

Other forms of the name include:

Jerjer جريجوري (Arabic)
Krikor/Grigor Գրիգոր (Armenian)
Ryhor Рыгор (Belarusian)
Grigor Григор (Bulgarian/Macedonian/Welsh)
Gregori (Catalan/Romansch)
Grgur (Croatian)
Řehoř (Czech)
Gregers (Danish/Norwegian)
Gregorius (Dutch/Latin)
Gregory (Dutch/English)
Graekaris (Faroese)
Reijo (Finnish)
Reko (Finnish)
Grégory/Grégoire (French)
Joris (Frisian)
Grigol/Grigoli გრიგოლი (Georgian)
Gregor (German/Hungarian/Icelandic/Romansch/Scottish/Slovak/Slovene)
Gergely (Hungarian)
Gréagóir (Irish-Gaelic)
Gregorio (Italian/Spanish)
Goretto (Italian: obscure)
Goriano (Italian: obscure)
Gorino (Italian: obscure)
Grigorijs (Latvian)
Gregoras/Gregorijus/Grigalius (Lithuanian)
Grigorii Григории, Григоріи (Old Church Slavonic)
Grzegosz (Polish)
Gregório (Portuguese)
Gligor/Grigore (Romanian)
Grigoriy Григорий (Russian)
Griogair (Scottish-Gaelic)
Grigoriye Григорије; Gligoriye Глигорије; Grgur Гргур (Serbian)
Grega/Gregori (Slovene)
Greger (Swedish)
Hryhoriy Григорій (Ukrainian)


Greg/Gregg (Dutch/English)
Gregie (Dutch)
Gergõ (Hungarian)
Gorio/Goro (Italian)
Grzeszek (Polish)
Grisha (Russian)
Greig (Scottish)
Goyo (Spanish)

Feminine forms include:

Jorina/Jorinna (Frisian)
Gregoria (Italian/Spanish)
Gregorina (Italian)
Goretta (Italian)
Gorina (Italian)



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