Gender: Masculine
Origin: Lithuanian
Meaning: unknown

The name is derived from the name of a river in Lithuania, Neman.

In Lithuanian, the Neman is referred to as the Father of Rivers and is the subject of a famous Lithuanian poem which can be recited by most Lithuanians, written by Maironis, goes as follows:

Lithuanian lyrics Approximate English translation
Kur bėga Šešupė, kur Nemunas teka Where the Šešupė runs, where the Neman flows
Tai mūsų tėvynė, graži Lietuva That’s our homeland, beautiful Lithuania

The origin and meaning of the name is debatable. Some sources claim it is derived from an Old Baltic source referring to a damp place while others will insist that it was the name of a Baltic god.

The designated name-day is August 20.



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