Gender: Masculine
Origin: Danish/Norwegian/Swedish
Meaning: “god’s helmet.”

The name is derived from the Old Norse male name, Ásketill, which is composed of the Norse elements, áss (god) and ketill (kettle; cauldron; helmet).

The name was borne by a 11th-century Swedish saint and martyr, whose veneration was especially popular in medieval England, as a result, the name was occasionally used in England up until the Reformation, when the name went out of fashion.

The designated name-day in Sweden is June 12.

Other forms of the name include:

  • Askel/Askil (Danish/Norwegian)
  • Askild (Danish/Norwegian)
  • Eskild (Danish)
  • Eskil (Danish/Faroese/Norwegian/Swedish)
  • Áskil (Faroese)
  • Eskel (Finnish/Swedish)
  • Eskeli (Finnish)
  • Esko (Finnish/German)
  • Áskæll/Áskell (Old Norse)
  • Ásketill (Old Norse)
  • Askjell (Norwegian)

Female forms include the Icelandic Áskatla and the Danish/Norwegian, Askeline.



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