Gender: Feminine
Origin: Greek
Meaning: “Friday; preparation.”

The name is derived the Greek παρασκευη (paraskeue) literally meaning, “preparation” but also the Greek word for Friday.

The name was borne by several Eastern Christian saints, the most notable being an early Christian martyr of Rome of is venerated as the patron saint of the blind.

Sometimes, the name is bestowed upon girls born on Good Friday.

Other forms of the name include:

  • Paraskeva Параскева (Bulgarian/Czech/Serbian)
  • Petka Петка (Bulgarian/Macedonian)
  • Paraskevi Παρασκευη (Greek)
  • Paraskewa (Polish)
  • Prascewia (Polish)
  • Parascheva (Romanian)
  • Praskovya Прасковья (Russian/Ukrainian)

Greek short forms are Paraskevoula, Evi, Vivi and Voula.

Common Russian diminutives are Pan, Parasha, Pasha and Frosya.

A male version is Paraskevas Παρασκευας.

In Greece, the designated name-day is July 26.



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