Gender: Masculine
Origin: German
Meaning: uncertain

The name is of uncertain origin or meaning, but is most likely of Germanic roots. Some sources have even suggested it to be a diminutive form of Friedrich.

The name was borne by an early German saint who is attributed to founding a monastery on the isle of Säckingen in the Upper Rhine. He is considered the apostle of the Alemanns (modern Bavarians and Swiss-Germans). He is often depicted with a rotten corpse as one legend pertains that Fridolin miraculously summoned a dead man from the dead so the saint could prove his inheritance.

In Germany, the designated name-day is March 6.

The name is considered old fashioned in German speaking countries.

Other obscure forms include the Dutch Fridolinus and the Polish, Frydolin.

Other German forms include: Fridulin, Friedolin, Friedel and Frido.

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