Gender: Masculine
Origin: English/Scottish/Welsh
Meaning: “famous power.”
Eng (RAHD-rik)

The name is derived from the Germanic elements hrod “fame” and ric “power.”

The name was first introduced into England via Scandinavian settlers and later by the Normans. However, the name seems to have died out by the late Middle Ages and wasn’t revived until the beginning of the 19th-century, thanks in part to Sir Walter Scott’s famous poem The Vision of Don Roderick (1811) where it is used as a vernacular form of the Spanish, Rodrigo.

Its Spanish cognate of Rodrigo, has always been fairly common in Spanish-speaking countries, it was borne by the last Visigothic king of Spain who died fighting Muslim invaders. Another notable Spanish bearer was the legendary El Cid whose real name was Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar. The same name forms the basis of the common Spanish surname, Rodriguez.

As of 2006, Rodrigo was the 32nd most popular male name in Chile. In Spain, he was the 38th most popular name for 2008.

Roderick is also used as an English equivalent for the unrelated Welsh male name, Rhydderch.

Other forms of the name include:

  • Hroderich (Ancient Germanic)
  • Hrēðrīc (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Ludhriq لذري (Arabic)
  • Roderic (Catalan)
  • Roderich (Czech/German)
  • Roderik (Czech/Danish/Dutch/Finnish/German/Hungarian/Norwegian/Slovene/Swedish)
  • Rodéric (French)
  • Rodrigue (French)
  • Rodrigo (Galician/Italian/Occitanian/Portuguese/Spanish)
  • Roric (German)
  • Rodrigó (Hungarian)
  • Roderico (Italian)
  • Rodericus (Late Latin)
  • Rørik (Old East Norse)
  • Hrœrekr (Old West Norse)
  • Rurik Рюрик (Russian/Ukrainian)
  • Roderyk (Polish)

A common Galician short form is Roi and a Spanish diminutive is Rui.

A Scots feminine form is Rodina.

Common English short forms are Rod and Roddy.

The designated name-day is March 13 (France).



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