Galen, Galina

Origin: Greek
Meaning: “calm”
Eng Masc (GAY-len); Russ fem (gah-LEE-nah)

Galen is a latinized form of the Greek masculine name, Γαληνος (Galenos), which means “calm.”

The name was borne by a 2nd-century B.C.E. Graeco-Roman physician who contributed to the study of anatomy and medicine.

The feminine form of Galina is an extremely popular name in Russia.

Other forms of the masculine include:

  • Galén (Aragonese)
  • Galen Гален (Belarusian/Croatian/Danish/English/Norwegian/Occitanian/Polish/Slovene/Swedish/Russian/Ukrainian)
  • Galè (Catalan)
  • Galén (Czech)
  • Galenus (Dutch/German/Latin/Romanian)
  • Galien (French)
  • Galeno (Galician/Italian/Portuguese/Spanish)
  • Galénosz (Hungarian)
  • Galenas (Lithuanian)
  • Galénos (Slovak)

Feminine forms include:

  • Galene Γαληνη (Greek)
  • Halina (Polish)
  • Halyna Галина (Ukrainian)

The designated name-day for Galina is March 10 (Bulgaria.)

A common Russian diminutive is Gala or Galya.

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