Gender: Masculine
Origin: French
Meaning: debated

The name is derived from the Flemmish, Vaast, which is derived from an even older name, Vedastus which could either be from a Germanic source meaning, “stranger” or it could be from the Latin meaning, “of Gascony.”

The name was borne by an early French saint, Gaston of Arras, as well as by a few French royals.

Other forms of the name include:

  • Gastó (Catalan)
  • Gastone (Italian)
  • Vaast (Dutch/Flemmish)
  • Gaston (Dutch/French/German/Polish)
  • Gaszton (Hungarian)
  • Vedastus (Latin)
  • Gastonas (Lithuanian)
  • Wedast (Polish)
  • Gastão (Portuguese)
  • Gastón (Spanish)

The designated name-day is February 6.

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