Gender: Feminine
Origin: Estonian/Arabic
Meaning: “to wed; to marry” or “tranquil, at ease.”


The name can either be a derivative of the Estonian verb, naima, meaning “to wed; to marry” or may be an Estonian alternative to Naomi. Another Estonian form is Naimi.

The designated name-day in Estonia is January 24rd and in Sweden, November 17.

A completely different and coincidental etymology is that it is a feminine form of the Arabic male name, Na’im, meaning, “tranquil; at ease.” نعيمة

It was also the name of a famous jazz tune by John Coltrane.

It is currently borne by Estonian artist, Naima Neidre (b.1943)

1 thought on “Naima

  1. I like Naima and prefer this alternative to Naomi. Very cute

    I was looking at the picture for this name and I saw that the book is in fact Harry Potter! 😀 It made me smile

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