Gender: Feminine
Origin: Old Norse
Meaning: “protection; life.”

A popular female name throughout Scandinavia, the name is derived from the Old Norse, Hlíf, meaning, “protection” and also happens to coincide with the modern Scandinavian word for “life.”

Liv no longer ranks in the Norwegian top 100, but its two-syllable form of Live, does. Live is currently the 68th most popular female name in Norway, (2008). It was the 5th most popular female name on the Faroe Islands, (2008). In Sweden, it was the 68th most popular female name, (2008) and the 99th most popular in the Netherlands, (2008).

Other forms include:

  • Liv (Danish/Dutch/German/Norwegian/Swedish)
  • Lív (Faroese)
  • Hlíf/Hlífa (Icelandic)
  • Liva (Norwegian)
  • Live (Norwegian)
  • Livø (Norwegian: dialectical form from Nord-Gudbrandsdalen)

The name also appears in several compound forms, which include: Elseliv (Swedish), Ingeliv (Swedish/Norwegian), Lífdís (Icelandic), Livunn (Norwegian) and Livny (Norwegian).

The designated name-day in Sweden is January 15.

Liven is a Swedish and Norwegian diminutive form.

In English, the name is occasionally used as a short form of Olivia.

The name is borne by actress and model, Liv Tyler (b.1977).

4 thoughts on “Liv

  1. Liva is my favourite version of Liv, you haven’t listed it ^^
    Also Livunn which is a combination of Liv and Unn 🙂
    Liven is a pet form of Liv, I know a lady named Liv who’s called Liven by all her friends…

    Keep up the magnificent work!

  2. Love your website! Can you do a feature on the boy’s name Olaf-the patron saint of Norway? I am expecting a little boy in April and I hope to name him Olaf in honor of my grandfather. Thank you for your interesting and unusual posts–

    • Nanette, I have Olaf scheduled for February 15! Olaf is a great name and I am excited to meet someone actually considering it for their child.

      Thanks for the compliments and hope to see you around soon.

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