Gender: Masculine
Origin: Polish
Meaning: debated

The name is of debated meanings, it is obviously composed of the Slavonic element slav meaning “glory” but the prefix of mieczy has always been a subject of debate.

Some theories that have interpreted the first element are:

  • miecz from the Polish meaning “sword”
  • mieć from the Polish verb meaning “to have.”
  • miecić from the Polish verb meaning “to fling; to throw.”

The third is most likely, since Mieczysław is believed to be an erroneous corruption of the earlier Miecisław.

The designated name-day in Poland is January 1st.

Common diminutive forms are Miecio, Mieczyś, Mieteczek and Mietek.

Historically, the name was often anglicized to Mitchell by first generation Polish Americans. Mitchell has no etymological relation to Mieczysław other than sharing similar sonority.

Other, more archaic, Polish forms are MasławMiecławMiecisławMiecysław and Miesław.

Other forms of the name include:

  • Mečislav (Czech)
  • Miecislas (French: very rare)
  • Miecsiszláv/Miciszsláv (Hungarian)
  • Menceslao (Italian: very rare)
  • Mecislaus (Latin)
  • Mecislavas/Mecislovas (Lithuanian)
  • Mechyslav (Russian/Ukrainian)

A feminine forms are Masława and Mieczysława.

2 thoughts on “Mieczysław

  1. You are right that there is much debate on this one. I could probably write a whole paper on the history of this name using all the different information I’ve read on it! There are also an endless amount of diminutives and nicknames for it.

    Other forms I found listed in my Polish name book are: Masław, Miecław, Mieszko(which this particular book doesn’t give a seperate entry for), Mieszka(masculine), and Mojsław. Aside from Mieczysława the feminine form Masława is also listed.

    In the forms Masław and Masława all I see is masło(butter)!

  2. Mojsław is interesting, wouldn’t that mean “my glory.”

    When I saw Masław and Masława, I immediately thought butter too.

    Thanks for the info.

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