Gender: Feminine
Origin: Latin
Meaning: “white; bright.”
Eng (al-BYE-nah)

The name has very ancient roots as it was borne by the Etruscan goddess of the dawn, the name is linked to the Latin word albus meaning “white; bright” and it is also linked to the modern French word (aube)meaning “dawn” and Spanish word (alba) “dawn.” The Latin masculine version is Albinus. Interestingly enough, Albina also coincides with the Romanian word for “bee.”

Though it has Latin roots, the name seems to be especially common in Central Asian countries, such as Chechnya and Kyrgyzstan, and is common among the Tartar populations of Russia.

The name is also used in Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, in Spanish-speaking countries and in Portuguese speaking countries.

It is borne by Chechen Human Right’s Activist, Albina Digaeva (b.1978), it is also borne by Russian-Tartar olympic biathlete, Albina Akhatova (b.1976) and Tajik Olympic Archer, Albina Kamaletdinova (b.1969).

It was also borne by a 3rd century Christian martyr.

The designated name-day is usually December 15.

Other forms include:

  • Albína (Czech/Slovak)
  • Albina Альби́на (Russian)

A Russian diminutive form is Alya and Slovenian diminutives are Bina, Binca (BEENT-sah); Albinca.

Masculine forms are:

  • Albin (Czech/English/Polish/German/Norwegian/Swedish)
  • Aubin (French)
  • Albinus (Latin)
  • Albín (Slovakian)

4 thoughts on “Albina

  1. I’m pretty sure Alba is a form in its own right, Italian and Spanish. It’s very pretty.

    Don’t forget about the names Kerensa and Mouzayan! Sorry hahah I know they’re probably just on your waiting list 🙂

    Happy holidays!

  2. Thanks Kate. I wanted to save Alba for a separate entry, and yes, Kerensa is on my waiting list 🙂 Look for her around February.

    I would love to post about Mouzayan, do you have any more info about her?

    Happy Holidays!

  3. Ah I asked around on a site and apparently there’s a similar turkish name, Muzeyyen. They said it means “adorned, decorated” so maybe that will help?

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