Natalia, Natalie, Natasha

Gender: Feminine
Origin: Latin
Meaning: “Christmas day”

Natalia is a Late Latin given name which was derived from the Latin phrase natale domini, literally meaning (birth of the Lord), the phrase would correctly translate to “Christmas” or “Christmas Day.” The name is also related to the word for birth in Latin and could technically mean “birth”, but its usage as a given name started off in reference to a child born on or around Christmas.

Its popularity should be attributed to the wife of St. Adrian of Nicodemia, (both 4th-century Christian saints). She and her husband are particularly popular in the Eastern Orthodox Churches, hence is why Natalia has had a longer usage in Eastern Europe than in the rest of Europe.

The form of Natalie was popularized in the U.S. due to the fame of American actress Natalie Wood (nee Natalia Zarachenko, who was born to Russian immigrant parents). Natalie is currently the 13th most popular female name in the U.S. (2008).

In other countries, her rankings are as follows:

  • Australia # 55 (2008)
  • Canada # 37 (2007)
  • Norway # 84 (2007)
  • Sweden # 41 (2007)

Other forms of the name include:

  • Natalya (Armenian)
  • Natallja Наталля (Belorusian)
  • Natàlia (Catalan)
  • Natálie (Czech)
  • Natalie (Danish/Dutch/English/Estonian/German/Norwegian/Swedish)
  • Tasha (English: contraction of Natasha)
  • Neida (Estonian)
  • Taale/Taali (Estonian: originally diminutive forms, used as independent given names).
  • Nato (Georgian)
  • Nathalie (French)
  • Nathalène (French: obscure)
  • Natacha (French)
  • Natascha (German)
  • Natália (Hungarian/Portuguese/Slovak)
  • Natasa (Hungarian)
  • Natalia (Italian/Late Latin/Polish/Spanish)
  • Natala/Natalina/Natalizia (Italian: obscure forms, Natalia is the more common form)
  • Natalija (Latvian/Lithuanian/Serbo-Croatian/Slovene)
  • Natalena (Occitanian)
  • Natalena/Natalina/Natalisa (Polish: obscure)
  • Natasha (Russian/English: in Russia, exclusively a diminutive form of Natalia, in other countries, used as an independent given name, particularly in English speaking countries, German-speaking countries, France, Poland and the Balkans).
  • Natasza (Polish)
  • Nataša (Serbo-Croatian)
  • Nataliya Наталия (Russian/Ukrainian)

Russian diminutive forms are Nata, Natalka and Natasha. Czech/Slovak, Ukrainian and Polish diminutive is Natalka. An English diminutive form is either Nat or Nattie.

Masculine forms are:

  • Nadal (Catalan)
  • Natale (Italian)
  • Natalino/Natalizio (Italian: obscure forms)
  • Natalius (Late Latin)
  • Natalis (Polish: obscure)
  • Natalio (Spanish)

The designated name days are: July 27 (France), August 26 (Latvia/Bulgaria), August 28 (Greece), September 8 (Russia), October 6 (Slovakia), December 1 (Poland and Lithuania), December 9 (Hungary), 21 (Czech Republic), 25 (Estonia), and 29 (Sweden)

The designated name-days for Natasha/Natascha/Natacha are: May 18 (Czech Republic), August 28 (France), January 17 (Slovakia)

3 thoughts on “Natalia, Natalie, Natasha

  1. Great choice for a topic!

    My Polish name book lists the forms Natalia, Natalisa, Natalina, and Natalena. The main entry however is for the masculine form, Natalis.

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