Gender: Feminine
Origin: Norwegian/Swedish
Meaning: “little mother.”

With the recent surge of popularity in Lily names, I thought this unusual gem might be worth posting, though considered an “old lady” name in Scandinavia, it might make a fresh and interesting option for an Anglophone parent.

Lillemor is relatively recent in history, she first appeared in Norway as a nickname and was first recorded as a full-fledged given name in Sweden in 1901. The name comes from the Norwegian and Swedish words lille meaning “little; small” and mor meaning “mother.” Ask most Swedes or Norwegians how they feel about this name and they will likely frown, she is somewhat the equivalent of a Mildred to an American. She was quite fashionable during the 1930s and 40s, and is hence, usually considered a name of its time. She has, however, spawned off a fashionable nickname name: Moa, which is currently very trendy in Sweden as an independent given name.

Her name-day is November 18. As of December 31, 2008, there were approximately 11, 198 women who bore the name Lillemor in Sweden.

Nicknames are Lily and Moa.


3 thoughts on “Lillemor

  1. LILLEMOR::::
    Ever since I was a very little girl, my family and close friends nicknamed me “LILLEMOR”
    I was the eldest of all 29 cousins in our LARGE extended close-knit family. I guess, that’s where the name came from, as I kind of was the “little mother” of them all. LOL!!!
    My younger cousins, even some of the extended family, believed and really thought that WAS my given name (It was imprinted on me). Even TODAY, after all these years my family and close childhood friends will call me -LILLEMOR- whenever, I make my way back home to my native country “Norway”…..

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