Gender: Female
Origin: Old Slavonic
Usage: Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia.
Meanin: “alive.”

The name was borne in Slavic mythology by the goddess of love and fertility, not much is known about her other that she have been one in the same as the Russian goddess Mokosh and she was the consort of Siebog. In Slovakia, its modern form of Živa has a name-day set on October 25. The name is also in usage in Serbia and Croatia. Other forms of the name include:

  • Sieba (Old German)
  • Siwa (Old Polish)
  • Šiva (Old Slavonic: SHEE-vah)
  • Razivia (Old Slavonic)
  • Żiwia/Żywia (Polish: the former is an older version; the latter has just recently been in usage in Poland but is still uncommon. In 2008, it ranked in as 193rd most popular female name in Warsaw)
  • Živana (Slovakian)

Masculine forms are Živan and Živko, both forms are used in Slovakia and Slovenia.

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