800px-Kopf_Heiliger_Gereon_KölnGender: Masculine
Origin: Greek/German
Meaning: “old man.”

The name comes from the Greek Υερων (geron) meaning “old man.” The name has been in usage in Germany and Denmark, particularly in the region of Cologne, due to a 4th-century Roman saint martyred there. Known as the Golden Saint, it is alleged that he was a soldier of the Theban legions who was martyred under the Emperor Maximian. He is the patron saint against migrains. There is a large basilica dedicated to him in Cologne where it is said his relics are kept. Its designated name-day is October 10. Another German form is Gerion (GEH-ree-on), Dutch form is Jeroen and the Romansch forms are Geronas, Gironas and Jaronas.

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