Gender: Feminine
Origin: Armenian
Meaning: “pomegranate; fire.”

The name is either an elaboration of the Armenian word nar which is a borrowing from the Persian meaning “pomegranate” or an elaboration of an Arabic name meaning “fire.”

4 thoughts on “Narineh

  1. I think it’s the -h at the very end that makes the name look a tad trendy. When I first skimmed through the new entries, I misread it for “Nevaeh” – imagine my surprise “Nevaeh is a legit name?!?” 😉

    That being said, I actually like the sound and the meaning.

  2. 😆 I now can see why it looks trendy. I guess the -eh ending is pretty common in Armenian female names. Lots of these are transliterated from the Armenian alphabet too. So, there might be other spellings, I haven’t run into any yet. I don’t think you’ll ever see Nevaeh on here 😉

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