Grazina, Grażyna

Planty-Grazyna-MickiewiczaGender: Feminine
Origin: Lithuanian/Polish
Meaning: “beautiful; pretty”
Lit (grah-ZHEE-nah); Pol (grah-ZHIH-nah).

The name come directly from the Lithuanian word for beautiful. It was said to have been created by Polish-Lithuanian poet Adam Mickiewicz in 1823. Grażyna recounts the exploits 0f a Lithuanian princess who tried to defeat the Teutonic knights. The name itself is derived from the Lithuanian word grażus meaning “beautiful” “pretty.” The name was often translated to Grace by Polish and Lithuanian immigrants who settled in the United States. Common nicknames include Grazia, Grasia, Grażynka and Grażka. The name-day in Poland is July 26 while in Lithuania it takes place on September 26. The name was borne by Polish-Lithuanian composer and violinist, Grażyna Bacewicz (1909-1969)

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