Sigrid, Siri

  • Gender: Feminine
  • Origin: Old Norse
  • Meaning: “beautiful victory”

SigridaStoradaThe name is composed of the Old Norse elements sigr meaning victory and fríðr meaning “beautiful; fair.”  The name appears in Danish and Swedish royalty. It is notably borne by the illusive Sigrid the Haughty, also known as Sigrid Storråda, a Slavic princess who married Svein Forkbeard, mother of Canute the Great and Harald II of Denmark. However, historians argue if she ever really existed or if the Medieval chroniclers actually mixed her up with Świętosława, the daughter of Mieszko I.  Świętosława later changed her name to Gunhild when she married the above mentioned Danish king.  She is mentioned quite a few times in the Sagas as Sigrid, hence the historical confusion. Another Scandinavian princess to bear this name was Sigrid Eiriksdotter Vasa of Sweden.Sigrid_Eriksdotter_VasaSigrid’s usage is also quite prevalent in German speaking countries. Other forms of the name include the Norwegian diminutive form: Siri. The usage of Siri in Norway has mostly switched over as an independent given name.  Other diminutives forms include Sigga, Siggan and Sickan. Sigrid’s designated name-day in both Sweden and Norway is September 15. In 2007, Siri ranked as the sixtieth most popular female name in Sweden and according to the Central Bureau of Norwegian Statistics, there were approximately 8,208 women who had Siri as their first name. The formal Sigrid ranked in at # 100 in Sweden’s top female names of 2007, while Sigrid came in higher in Norway, coming in at # 52. Non-Scandinavian alternatives include the Latvian, Polish and Estonian Sigrida.

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