Gender: Feminine
Origin: Finnish
Meaning: “glow from northern lights.”

The name seems to be debated in origin and meaning but it is mostly agreed that it comes from a Finnish word describing the glow that the aurora borealis or northern lights cast. The name appears as early as 1899 and seemed to gain widespread recognition as a name in Finland around the 1950s. It was accepted and included in the Finnish calender in 1964. Other forms of the name include: Saila (SYee-lah), Soila, Soili, and Soilu. The name is borne by Finnish opera singer and lyric soprano, Soile Isokoski (b. 1957) pictured above. As for the names meaning, the northern lights occur mostly in the polar regions between the months of September and October and again between March and April. Soile’s designated name day in Finland is September 3rd. To hear Soile’s accurate pronunciation, you are better off consulting forvo, I don’t think the IPA system or phonetic could ever do justice to Finnish pronunciation if one is not exactly familiar with the way the Finnish language sounds.

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