Alfhild, Alvilde

Gender: Feminine
Origin: Old Norse
Meaning: “elf battle.”

The name comes from the Old Norse elements alf meaning elf and hildr meaning “battle.” In Norse Mythology, it is the name of a beautiful maiden who was guarded by two deadly dragons. Any suitor who approached the dragons were instantly killed, except for King Alf. Alfhild ran away from Alf and disguised herself as a male warrior. Alf eventually found her while fighting her in battle, when he knocked her helmet off, he realized who it was. Alfhild eventually married Alf. Other forms include the Icelandic Alfhildr, the Danish Alvilda, and the Norwegian Alvilde.

Currently, Alvilde (ahl-VEEL-deh) comes in as the eleventh most popular female name in Norway. In Sweden, Alfhild’s designated name-day is September 3rd, but is very rare in Sweden.

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