Gender: Masculine
Origin: Old Norse
Meaning: “wood eagle; forest eagle or; wide or large eagle.”

This trendy Swedish and Norwegian male name is derived from the Old Norse Arnviðr which is composed of the elements arn meaning eagle and viðr either meaning “wood” or “forest” or “wide; large.” The name currently ranks in Sweden and Norway’s top 100 male names. In Norway, he came in at a wopping # 5 for 2008, meanwhile in Sweden, he came in at # 27. The name seems to be rising, as in the previous year of Sweden’s top 100 list of 2007, Arvid was down a few spots at # 30. He has a cool and gothic vibe like the rising Atticus, so a name like this could very well catch on in the States. Hey, you never know. Its designated name day in Sweden is August 31, while in Norway its April 1st.

1 thought on “Arvid

  1. I really like Arvid, it seems to become rather popular in Germany, too. As far as I know, it made its way into the top 500 last year.

    I found a few variants:
    Arved, Arvit, Arwit, Arveid.

    Arwid and Arwed were listed as German variants. In German, -v and -w are often interchangeable; at the moment, -v-spellings seem to be more popular, though.

    The Finnish form of Arvid is Arvi and Arvids is used in Latvia.
    For those who are looking for a feminine version of this name – I found Arvida and Arvita as feminine forms of the Latvian Arvids.

    Arvida is rather pretty I think.

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