Gender: Feminine
Origin: Lithuanian/Latvian
Meaning: “song.”
(DY-nuh) homonym: Dinah

The name comes directly from the Lithuanian and Latvian words for song. The daina is a traditional form of music and poetry found in both Latvian and Lithuanian culture. A lot of dainas have to do with pre-Christian themes, such as heros and gods from ancient Baltic mythology. The name became a popular Latvian and Lithuanian given name around the 19th century. It is currently borne by Latvian-born mathematician Daina Taimina who is known for crocheting objects to illustrate hyperbolic space (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daina_Taimina). The name’s pronunciation is identical to that of the English pronunciation of the Biblical Hebrew name Dinah. Its designated name day is Aug 7.

2 thoughts on “Daina

  1. A sort-of masculine form of this name is Lithuanian Dainius. This name hearkens back to the Middle Ages with its meaning “minstrel, minnesinger, singer”. Dainius’ name day is June 13.

    I also found the masculine name Dainis that should be related to Daina and Dainius but I am not sure on this one.

  2. Thanks Capucine. I will have to do some research on the latter, but by all accounts, it does seem related to Daina. I feel since Dainius has bit of a history of his own that he deserves a separate article. So I have him listed for future installments 🙂

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