Gender: Feminine
Origin: Latin/Greek

Lydia has a sweet feminine vibe. Its classic without sounding too stuffy. Lydia could work just as well on a five month old as it would on a 55 five year old. It has the same feel as the popular Olivia and it wouldn’t be surprising if Lydia soon took Olivia’s place. Lydia currently stands as the 120th most popular female name in the United States.

As for Lydia’s history, it first appears as a given name in the New Testament. It was the name of a woman who had converted to Christianity after befriending St. Paul. Some scholars believe that Lydia was not her actual name, rather, it was a nickname to denote her place of origins, (Lydia in Asia Minor).

Lydia is a Greek word for an ancient country, known in Assyrian as Luddu, this particular’s country’s culture and language has been lost to history and speculation. The Greeks talked quite a bit about it, and in the Bible it is often refered to as Lud.

Lydia has multiple forms, including:

  • Lidiya Лидия (Bulgarian/Russian: Lidochka is a Bulgarian diminutive form)
  • Lídia (Catalan/Hungarian/Portuguese/Spanish)
  • Lýdie (Czech: LEED-yeh)
  • Lydia Λυδια (English/Estonian/Greek)
  • Lii/Ly (Estonian)
  • Liidia/Liidi (Estonian)
  • Lyydia/Lyyti (Finnish)
  • Lydie (French: LEE-DEE)
  • Lida (Hungarian)
  • Licia (Italian: lee-CHEE-ah).
  • Lidia (Polish/Italian/Romansch: a Polish diminutive form is Lidka.)
  • Livli (Sami)
  • Lýdia (Slovakian)
  • Lidija (Slovene/Croatian: diminutive forms are, Lidonka, Lidunka and Liduška)

In other Continental European countries, the name is usually rendered the same as it is in English. In German speaking countries its pronounced (LUY-dee-ah). Its designated name day is August 3rd.

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