Callinicus, Kallinikos, Kalliniki, Callinici, Callinica

Origin: Greek
Meaning: “great victory.”

The popular Greek male name of, Kallinikos, might be a bit out there for a child of non Greek descent, but with the popularity of the name Callie, its feminine counterparts of Kalliniki, Callinici or Callinica might be very appealing, even to non Greek parents.

The name is composed of the elements kalos meaning “beauty; great; nice” and nike meaning “victory.” Its official name-day in the Greek calender is July 29. In English, its latinized form would no doubt be pronounced (kul-LIN-nik-kus) and (kul-LIN-nik-kah). In Greek, these names are pronounced (KAHL-lee-NEE-kose) and (KAHL-lee-NEE-kee). Its Sicilian counterpart of Callinici is pronounced (KAHL-lee-NEE-chee).

The names are borne by several male and female saints. As well as a Greek historian from the 3rd century.

An obscure Catalan male form is Cal·línic.

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