Gender: Feminine

Origin: Cornish
Meaning: “girl of the sea.”
The name is borne in Cornish legend by the Mermaid of Zennor. She was said to be a daughter of King Llyr. To read the more details about the tale there are various retellings of the story posted throughout the internet, one of which is here

1 thought on “Morveren

  1. A few inaccuracies:
    1) It’s spelt Morvoren
    2) It’s pronounced mor-VOR-un
    3) The word/name translated from Cornish means ‘sea maid’ or ‘mermaid’
    3) The Cornish legend gives no name to the mermaid. She is commonly identified with Senara, but calling her ‘Morvoren’ is a recent occurance.

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