Gender: Feminine

Origin: Cornish
Meaning: “girl of the sea.”
The name is borne in Cornish legend by the Mermaid of Zennor. She was said to be a daughter of King Llyr. To read the more details about the tale there are various retellings of the story posted throughout the internet, one of which is here

One thought on “Morveren

  1. A few inaccuracies:
    1) It’s spelt Morvoren
    2) It’s pronounced mor-VOR-un
    3) The word/name translated from Cornish means ‘sea maid’ or ‘mermaid’
    3) The Cornish legend gives no name to the mermaid. She is commonly identified with Senara, but calling her ‘Morvoren’ is a recent occurance.

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