Gender: Feminine

Origin: Breton
Meaning: “holy one from Noyal.”
The name was a relatively unusual Breton name until pop singer Nolwenn Leroy came into the spotlight (b. 1982). Since her fame, the name has showed up in the French popularity charts, coming in as the 443rd most popular female in France in 2006. The correct pronunciation of the name is (nole-VEN) but Nolwenn Leroy pronounces her name the French way, (nole-WEN).
The origins of the name are somewhat interesting. It is the epithet of a 6th-century Breton saint of whom very little is known. The designated nameday in France is July 6th. Happy Nolwenn day! The French spelling is Nolwen.

1 thought on “Nolwenn

  1. I feel like I'm talking to myself, but, whatever. While doing research for this name, I decided to download some of Nolwenn Leroy's songs from iTunes. Man, her music is just beautiful. I just found out that scientists did a study of her music on geriatric patients and it has this strange effect on them, a calming effect. They called it the Nolwenn Effect. I am not surprised. You should check out her stuff on youtube. My personal favorite songs are Melusine and Histoire Naturelle.

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