Gender: Feminine

Origin: Hungarian
Meaning: “mother.”
The name is believed to be derived from the Finno-Ugric element eme meaning “mother.” In Hungarian legend, the name is born by the mother of the High Prince Almos. According to the legend she was impregnated with her son when she saw a Turul bird fly over her head. This was a sign that her womb would bear several future kings who would not only rule the Magyar people but foreign lands as well. According to the Gesta Hungarorum, which was written in the 12-century, Emese was the daughter of a Hun Chief Odenbelia and the wife of Ugyuk. If we are to believe the above legend then a modern descendant of Emese would be, (believe it or not), Queen Elizabeth II of England. Her other supposed descendants are Attila the Hun and the royal house of Hungary, the Arpads.
In Hungary, the name is fairly common and its designated nameday is July 5th. The name might make a more interesting alternative to the rather overused Emma. If you have some Hungarian hertiage the name might be an even bigger plus.

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