Cosmas, Cosmo

Gender: Masculine
Origin: Greek
Meaning: “order; decency; beauty.”

Cosmas is a transliteration of the Greek, Kosmas.

The name was borne by an early Christian martyr who was killed along with his brother, Damian.

According to legend, the two saints were physicians, therefore they have been considered the patron saints of doctors and pharmacists.

Their feast day is celebrated on July 1st, (in the Greek Orthodox Church).

The name has spun several offshoots. Cosmo and Cosimo are the Italian forms. Cosima is a feminine form that has been occasionaly used in Great Britan. It was borne by the wife of Richard Wagner, Cosima Wagner (1837-1930). It has a few Romanian offshoots Cosmin and Cosmina.

Other forms include:

  • Cosme (Catalan/French/Portuguese/Spanish)
  • Kuzma (Croatian)
  • Kosma (Czech)
  • Côme (French)
  • Cosmas (German/Latin)
  • Kosmas Κοσμας (Greek)
  • Kozma (Hungarian)
  • Cosimo (Italian)
  • Cosimino (Italian)
  • Cosma (Italian)
  • Kosma (Polish)
  • Cosmin (Romanian)
  • Kuzma Кузьма (Russian)
  • Gòsamu (Sardinian)

Feminine forms include:

  • Cosima (English/Italian/German)
  • Cosimina (Italian)
  • Cosmina (Romanian)

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