Gender: Feminine
Origin: Old Norse/Icelandic
Meaning: “pitching one; pigeon; dove.”

In old Norse the name means “pitching one.” It was the name of one of the nine daughters of the sea goddess Rán. In modern Icelandic, the name is interchangeable with the word for dove or pigeon. It is still a common female first name in Iceland.

Another offshoot of the original old Norse form is the Frisian Dufina (doo-FEE-nah) and the Dutch Dyveke.

4 thoughts on “Dúfa

  1. That’s interesting – there actually is a Frisian name Dufina (pr. doo-FEE-nah) which means “little pigeon;little dove”. Sometimes Frisian really is quite close to Nordic forms.
    The Dutch equivalent is Dyveke, by the way.

  2. This reminds me of the Norse Duva which means wave and is pronounced the same way ^^
    I think I’d use Duva over Dufa since the pronunciation is more intuitive…

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