Gender: Masculine
Origin: Icelandic
Meaning: “Summer traveler; Summer viking”

Variations include the Norwegian Sumarle (soo-MAR-leh); the Faroese Summaldur. The name was anglicized as Somereld or Somerled in Scottish.

Somerled was borne by a 12th century viking ruler in Scotland. He ruled over the Hebrides and the West Highlands.

The name has been in popular usage by the MacDonald family who are said to be his direct descendents.

In Scottish Gaelic it was sometimes rendered as Somhairle and anglicized as Sorley.

In modern Scotland, Samuel has often been used as a cognate, though the names do not share any etymological links other than sounding slightly similar.

In modern Iceland, only 40 men bore this as a first name while 4 had it as a middle name.

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