Gender: Masculine
Origin: German
Meaning: “to reign with glory.”

The name is derived from the Old Germanic elements, hrom, meaning, “fame” or “glory” and valdan, meaning, “to reign.”

The name was borne by a 10th-century, Italian saint from Ravenna. He was born into nobility and was rather cavalier in his youth. After participating in a dual in which he killed a man. He felt so guilty about his actions that he decided to repent of his sins by living in a Benedictine monastery for 40 days, after which, he decided to stay on, and eventually became the abbott.

He went on to found several other monasteries and eventually found the austere monastery of Camaldolo Tuscany.

His feast is held on June 19th.

The name used in Poland, where it has a feminine counterpart of Romualda. Its Italian and Spanish form is Romualdo. There is also a latinate form of Romualdus.

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