Gender: Feminine
Origin: Old Norse
Meaning: speculated, but most populary believed to mean “sun way; path to the sun.”
Nor (sol-VIGH;VYE); Swe (sol-VAY).

The name is of Old Norse origins, composed of the elements, sol, meaning,” sun” and veig “way”or “path.” The word veig can also mean “strength,” leading some to believe that the name might actually mean “sun strength.”

Some also believe that the name is composed of the elements solr meaning “yellow coloured” or salr meaning “house, home or hall” and that the second element of the name is either from the word, vig, meaning, “battle” or the word, vigja, meaning,  “to hollow”.

Though the name is technically used throughout Scandinavia, it has been most popular in Norway, no doubt due to the symbolic character of Solveig in Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt.

In the play, Ibsen uses Solveig as a symbol of redemption for the protaganist, Peer Gynt. There is a lot of play on words used throughout the play, and since Solveig represent’s Gynt’s path to redemption and salvation, the meaning of her name as “path to the sun,” is a key factor to the plot of the story.

A popular Norwegian nickname for this is Vivi.

Solveig is currently the 76th most popular female name in Norway (2007).

  • Solvej/Solvey (Danish)
  • Solveigh (German)
  • Solveig (Icelandic)
  • Solveiga (Latvian/Russian)
  • Sølvi (Norwegian)
  • Solvig (Swedish: obscure form)
  • Sylvi (Swedish/Norwegian/Finnish)

Other forms include: The name also appears in Icelandic as Sólveig, Sólveigu and Sólveigar.

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