Gender: Feminine
Origin: Bosnian/Serbo-Croat/Bulgarian/Macedonian
Meaning: “marigold.”

Origin: Breton
Meaning: “heaven; temple; fane.”

The name could be from the South Slavic word, neven, meaning, “marigold flower”.

There is also a masculine version of Neven.

The feminine form is currently borne by Nevena Tsoneva (b.1986), a famous Bulgarian pop singer, (pictured left).

Diminutive forms include Neva and Nevenka and the masculine Nevenko.

Neven is also the name of a popular gel used in the former Republic of Yugoslavia. Known as Neven Gel, it is made from marigold extracts and is used as a sort of Bengay cream.

I must give credit to one of my followers Capucine who informed me of the names’ coincidental Breton origins.

The name was borne by a Breton Saint of whom I could find very little information, however, it is believed that he left his name in some French place names in Brittany Lannéven and Lesneven. His feast and name-day is April 6.

Its meaning and derivation is of debated origin, it could be derived from an old Breton word for “temple; fane” or it is possibly related to the modern Breton word for “sky”, (also possibly meaning “heaven”) from the Breton word (neñv).

Offshoots include the masculine forms of Nevenoe, and Neveno.

Masculine diminutives include: Nevenou, Nevenig, Venou and Venig.

The feminine versions are Nevena and Nevenez and feminine diminutives include: Venaig and Nezig.

2 thoughts on “Nevena

  1. According to quite a few French name dictionaries, Nevena and its masculine equivalent Neven are also Breton names. Their origin is debated: they are either derived from an old Breton word for “temple, fane” or from the modern Breton word “neñv” meaning “sky” (and possibly also “heaven”, I’m not sure on that one, though). The masculine variants of Neven are Nevenoe and Neveno, with the diminutives Nevenou, Nevenig, Venou, Venig.
    A variant of Nevena is Nevenez and her diminutive forms are Venaig and Nezig. Their name days is April 6. (A “hypothetical” Saint Neven probably gave his name to the towns of Lannéven and Lesneven in Brittany, France.

    Feminine Nevena and masculine Neven with the meaning “marigold” are also used in Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania and possibly some other Slavic countries. Variants/diminutives include Nevenka and Nevenko.

  2. Edited it. That was quite fascinating! I wish I could find more about the saint. I also read on another website that claimed that Neven was from an old Slavic word for “everlasting” and that it was the name of a Croatian saint, though I could not find any definitive evidence to back it up.

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