Gender: Masculine
Origin: Arabic
Meaning: “servent of Allah/God.”
عبد الله

Abdullah is a transliteration of the Arabic عبد الله (Abd-Allah), which is composed of the Arabic elements, abd, meaning, “servant of” and (Allah), meaning, “God.” The name is meant to express humility before God, a virtue taken very seriously in Islam.

The name was borne by the Prophet Mohammed’s father.

The name is probably one of the most popular male names in the Islamic world. In the Arabic world, it is usually used as a nickname on men whose name is not known.

Its Hebrew cognate is Abdiel.

The name has also been borne by Abdullah I of Jordan and is currently borne by his son, Abdullah II of Jordan. It is also borne by King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabi.

Other forms of the name include:

  • Abdallah (Arabic: variant transcription)
  • Abdulali (Azeri)
  • Abdolla (Baloch)
  • Abdulah (Bosnian/Kosovar)
  • Yabdullah (Chechen)
  • Abdalla Абдуллаm (Russian: form used by Russian Muslims, especially in the former Republics of the Soviet Union)

The name is extremely popular throughout the Islamic world.

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