Gender: Feminine
Origin: French
Meaning: “hood; cape” or “nasturtium.”

The name is derived from the Italian cappucio which was a translation of the old French word, chaperon, meaning “hood” or “cape.”

The chaperon was a type of hood that could be worn in various different styles, by both men and women, that was popular throughout Western Europe during the Middle Ages.

The name was given to the Capuchin Friars, an off shoot of the Franciscan order, to denote the long woolen brown hooded robes that they were especially known for.

nastThough of the same etymology as the above two words, in modern French, capucine is the word for the nasturtium plant.

The name first took off after the 1960s, due to famed actress, Capucine, star of the Pink Panther (1933-1990).

Currently, the name is very fashionable in France.

In 2006 it came in at # 96 in the Top Female name of France.

The designated name-day in France is October 5.

The nasturtium is able to survive in the fall months.

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