Gender: Male
Origin: Greek
Meaning: “sea.”

The name is borne in Greek mythology by a pre-Olympian god of the sea. His mother was Gaia, who conceived Pontus without sex. He is the father of Nereus, Phorcys, and Ceto, and with his consort Thalassa, he fathered the fish and the crustaceans.

The name is derived from the Greek pontos, meaning “sea.”

In the classical era, he was superseded by the god Poseidon.

It is also the name of a former Greek kingdom which was situated on coasts of the black sea, in what is now Turkey.

The name has recently become extremely popular in Sweden, it recently came in at # 76 in the 2007 top 100 names in Sweden.

Another form is Pontos.

Other forms include:

  • Pont (Croatian/Slovene: rare)
  • Pontosz (Hungarian: rare)
  • Pontas (Lithuanian)
  • Ponto (Spanish/Italian/Portuguese: rare)

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