Gender: Male
Origin: Greek
Meaning: “sleep; numbness.”

The name is found in Greek mythology as that of the name of a young boy who thought himself so beautiful that he could not stop staring at his own reflection, until he eventually died.

The name is also borne by several early Greek saints. The word “narcissim,” is derived from the story of Narcissus.

  • Narcís (Catalan)
  • Narcis (Croatian/Romanian/Serbian/Slovak/Slovene)
  • Narcissus (English/Latin/Dutch)
  • Narcisse (French)
  • Narziss (German/Lexbergerish)
  • Narkissos Ναρκισσος (Greek)
  • Narkisszosz (Hungarian)
  • Narciso (Italian/Spanish/Portuguese)
  • Narcisio (Italian)
  • Narcizas (Lithuanian)
  • Narcyz (Polish)

Feminine forms are:

  • Nergiz (Azeri: also the Azeri word for daffodil)
  • Narcisa (Italian/Spanish/Portuguese)
  • Narcissa (Latin)
  • Narges نرگس (Persian: also the modern Farsi word for daffodil)
  • Nergis (Turkish: also the modern Turkish word for daffodil)

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