Origin: Greek
Meaning “lovely.”
(AIR-uh-TO); (eh-RAH-to).

Another installation of the nymph names, she was the prophetess of the god Pan, and the wife of Arcas.

It was also the name of the muse of lyric poetry, especially of love and erotic poetry. She was known for charming the sight.

Legend holds that her tomb can be found on the isle of Samos where star-crossed lovers often made their pilgramages.

This is where the modern word of erotic comes from.

Other forms include (Note: these forms are rarely ever used save for a history book, but their existence should be noted):

  • Èrato (Catalan)
  • Erató (Czech/Hungarian)
  • Érato (French)
  • Eràto (Fruilian)
  • Erata (Lithuanian)

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