Gender: Feminine
Origin: Greek
Meaning: “sand goddess”

The name is derived from the Greek psammos meaning sand, and the Greek theia meaning “goddess,” hence: “sand goddess.”

The name is found in Greek mythology as the name of the goddess of sand and beaches. She was the wife of Proteius, who was the seal herder of Poseidon. Psamathe had one mortal son and a nymph for a daughter.

She was assaulted on the beach by King Aeacus. She tried to escape his advances by transforming herself into a seal, however, Aeacus was able to overcome her, and she became pregnant with a son whom she named Phocus meaning “seal.”

Psamathe is also the name of a moon.

Another form of the name that appears is Psamanthe (sah-MAN-thee).

Other forms that exists but not necessarily in usage are:

  • Psàmate (Catalan)
  • Psamathée (French: psah-mah-TAY)
  • Psamate (Italian/Spanish)
  • Psamatė (Lithuanian)

The name would make a more unique alternative to the more popular Samantha.

Possible nickname options are Sam and Sammie.

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