Gender: Feminine
Origin: Latin
Meaning “grove” “lit hill.”

The name of the Roman goddess of Childbirth, the name is also featured in the legend of Saint Sebastian. The woman mentioned became a beloved saint, whose cult became especially popular in Poland.

The name is either derived from the Latin lucus meaning “grove” or from the Latin, meaning “lit hill.”

The Roman’s probably pronounced this more like (loo-KEE-nah), but ecclesiastical Latin would utilize the softer and more melodic pronunciation of (loo-CHEE-nah).

Other forms include:

  • Lucine (French)
  • Lucina (Italian: loo-CHEE-nah)
  • Lucyna (Polish: loot-SIH-nah)
  • Lucina (Spanish: loo-THEE-nah; loo-SEE-nah)

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